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Sunday, 9 November 2008

80s Mix Disc 1

1. Radio 1 Goes Stereo

Simon Mayo -Maggie Philbin
National Launch FM '88

2 I'll Be Good
Rene & Angela

Released '85

3 Automatic
Pointer Sisters
Released '84

4 Another One Bites The Dust
Released '80

5 A Night To Remember

Released '82

6 Say I'm Your Number One
Released '85

7 Down To Earth
Curiosity Killed The Cat
Released '86

8 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Quiver Mix)
Culture Club
Original Released '82

9 Vienna

Released '80

10 Move Closer

Phyllis Nelson
Released '84

11 Dance Yourself Dizzy

Liquid Gold
Released '80

12 Harvest For The World

The Christians
Released '88

13 The Slightest Touch
Five Star
Released '87

14 Left To My Own Devices

Pet Shop Boys
Released '88

15 Radio 1 Top 40 Bruno Brookes

16 Rockall
(Used As Top 40 Countdown)
Released '83

17.Wham Rap
Wham! (Beat-Nick Mash-Up With Mezzoforte)
Released '82

18 The Opera House
Jack E Makossa
Released '87

19 Showing Out

Mel & Kim
Released '86

20 Blue Mood
Swing Out Sister
Released '86

21 Hey Rocky!
Boris Badenough
Released '86

22 Tighten Up ( I Just Can't Stop Dancing)
Criminal Element Orchestra
Released '87

23 Margaret Thatcher U Turn!

1980 Speech

24 Clouds Across The Moon (Intro Only)
The Rah Band
Released '85

25 Battlestations
Released '86

26 Theme From S Express
S Express
Released '88

27 I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Acapella)
Whitney Houston
Released '87

28 Respectable

Mel & Kim
Released '87

29 The Jack That House Built
Jack n Chill
Released '87

30 P.Y.T.
Michael Jackson
Released '84

31 I Owe You Nothing
Released '88

32 Running in The Family
Level 42
Released '87

33 Love & Pride
Released '84

34 Freedom
Released '84

35 Be Near Me
Released '85

36 We Close Our Eyes
Go West
Released '85

37 So Cold The Night
The Communards
Released '87

38 Let's Groove (Remix)
Earth Wind & Fire
Original Released '81

39 Easy Lover
Philip Bailey & Phil Collins
Released '84

40 Funky Town
Lipps Inc
Released '80

41 Won't You Hold My Hand Now
Released '84

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This is a Beat-Nick Mix created 2008 Running Time 73 Minutes 192KBPS Mp3

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Anonymous said...

...quite possibly a masterpiece

Anonymous said...

They are all excellent!

DJ Lucien said...

Hey Nick ! I'm gonna download the 80's mixes you created, since the 80's are my kinda music and my decade ;-) and listen to them carefully. When I've listened to them I'll get back to you with some comments.

Regards, DJ Lucien

DJ Lucien said...

[part I of DJ Lucien's comment]

Hi Nick,
as promised a comment on your 1st Disc 80's mix .. I'll just highlight some cross-overs and give some

comment ok ? Hope you'll understand what I'm writing as I don't know all the specific terms in English

and English isn't my native tongue as they say .. but I'll do my best Nick! And forgive me for it being

such a long commment :D

First of all I have to say that I REALY liked the mix! Congrats on such a great job Nick!
ok here are some highlights ..

1) "Automatic" - "Another One Bites .."
at 5 min 03 sec the Pointer Sisters just 'vanish' .. maybe you could have looped the beat of

and let it run a bit longer with Queen ..

2) "Another One .." - "A Night To Remember"
simply brilliant Nick ! The way you loop Queens beat with Shalamar and then use the samples of

Freddie's vocals as the beat-loop of "Another One Bites .." ends .. BRILLIANT !
And referring back to 1) .. the way you looped Queens beat and let it run a bit with Shalamar is what

I meant doing with the beat of "Automatic" ..

3) "Say I'm Your .." - "Down To Earth"
nice crossover only at 9 min 26 sec Princess just disappears all of a sudden ..
maybe you could have done this a bith smoother ..

4) "Down To Earth" - "Do You Really .."
hmmm .. using a very recent remix of Culture Club in an 80's mix .. hehehe .. your cheating Nick! :P
crossover isn't that spectacular but hey! it's not always possible to create spectacular crossovers ..
and since I'm an amature mixer for years now myself I know what I'm talking about ..

5) "Do You Really .." - "Vienna"
well what can I say? It's not a real crossover is it ..? One song kinda ends and the other starts ..

6) "Vienna" - "Move Closer"
see comment 5) [but WHAT a great song "Move Closer" is!]

7) "Move Closer" - "Dance Yourself Dizzy"
again, see comment 5) [and "Dance Yourself Dizzy" is yet another great song!]
love the samples starting at 18 min 06 sec !!

8) "Dance Yourself Dizzy" - "Harvest For The World"
again .. see comment 5) [and yes! again "Harvest For The World" a fantastic song!]

9) "Harvest For The World" - "The Slightest Touch"
wow! great crossover Nick! the use of an extra beat is excellent!
Five Star .. THE greatest group of the 80's if you're asking me! :D
Really loved this crossover Nick ..

10) "The Slightest Touch" - "Left To My Own .."
GREAT filter-effects used on Five Star in this crossover to the Pet Shop Boys! [22 min 09 sec]
excellent looping of the Five Star music while Pet Shop Boys intro is running, until the beat of "Left To My Own Devices" comes in .. compliments!

DJ Lucien said...

[part II of DJ Lucien's comment]

11) hmmm .. 24 min 48 sec .. another "Radio 1' sample or something ..
but I can understand that you need some way to go to a totally different kinda music ..
not sure if I would have made the same choice .. but hey! that's a mixers prerogative ;-)

12) "Wham! Rapall" - "Jackin' The Opera House" at 27 min 39 sec
hmmm .. simple crossover .. nothing wrong with that, don't get me wrong Nick ..
and it's in place at that particular spot in the mix so it's ok :D

13) 30 min 16 sec .. not sure what happens here :O
kinda messy .. the beat that's running with Mel & Kim isn't from "Blue Mood" or is it ..?
at 30 min 51 sec there this line saying something like ".. only takes a moment" or something .. and poof! then it's gone .. no this crossover is kinda messy until at 31 min 27 sec Swing Out Sister starts ..
sorry, just being honest here ..

14) "Blue Mood" - "Hey Rocky!"
another great crossover Nick! really awesome! really like this one! very smooth ..

15) "Hey Rocky!" - "I Just Can't Stop Dancing"
again, very fine crossover! what else can I say .. other than great!

16) "Clouds Across The Moon" at 36 min 08 sec ..
wow! you speeded up The Rah Band .. kinda funny but very cool! it actually goes fine with ..

17) "Clouds Across The Moon" - "Battlestations"
nicely done mate! you looped the intro of "Clouds Across .." and played it over "Battlestations"
[loop Rah Band intro: 36 min 35 sec - 36 min 52 sec] very creative!

18) "Battlestations" - "Theme From S-Espress"
editting of George Michael at 39 min 07 sec is very cool .. "Do .. do .. do .. dododo Do you remember love .."
crossover to S-Express ok! Whitney running with "The From S-Express" is also a good choice ..
gapping-filter at 40 min 45 sec of Whitney's accapella "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" .. funny :P

19) "Respectable" - "The Jack That House Built"
very very VERY smooth crossover Nick! these two songs fit together like a glove

20) "The Jack That .." - "P.Y.T."
really had some bad thoughts when I saw you were putting these two tracks in a crossover but I have to say, they're not that bad in the crossover you did .. even though the rhythm of both songs are SO completely different ..

DJ Lucien said...

[part III of DJ Lucien's comment]

21) "P.Y.T." - "I Owe You Nothing"
hey! do I hear "All Night Long" by Lionel Richie at 49 min 03 sec ??
sounds a bit messy, just a tiny bit ..

22) "I Owe You Nothing" - "Running In The Family"
hmmm .. always "safe" to use an accappella crossover .. hahahaha .. nothing wrong with it though .. except maybe that the aca isn't always completely insync with Level 42's music .. not disturbing or anything but noticeable though [I noticed anyways .. hehe ..]

23) "Running In The Family" - "Love & Pride"
LOVE this crossover Nick! Damn! great work!

24) "Love & Pride" - "Freedom"
see comment 5) nothing wrong with it though .. just a statement :)

25) "Freedom" - "Be Near Me"
ANOTHER great crossover! Nice edditing of "Freedom"! And great usage of the aca intro of "Freedom"
again, compliments Nick! SUCH great edit-work at 56 min 13 sec with the "tu-du-du .." of Wham!'s "Freedom" [hope you know what I mean ..]

26) "We Close Our Eyes" - "So Cold The Night"
again nice editing done with Go West! and this also is a GREAT crossover! also one of my fav's :D

DJ Lucien said...

[part VI of DJ Lucien's comment]

27) "So Cold The Night - "Let's Groove"
cheating again Nick! hahaha .. you're using a [quite] recent remix of "Let's Groove" if I'm not mistaken! bad bad bad bad boy! :P but again this crossover is very well done ..

28) "Let's Groove" - "Easy Lover"
know I must sound like a broken record by now :P but this is yet another great crossover ..
sorry, nothing else I can say ..

Wow! turned out to be a longer comment than I thought :D
Overall: great mixing, good music choice .. GREAT editing from time to time .. very nice crossovers .. my honest compliments Nick! Very well done!

Ok so far Disc 1 .. only 5 more to go .. hihihihi .. until the next Disc Nick! :D

Kind regards, till next Disk! ;-)
DJ Lucien

ps: sorry for the split up of the comment .. your site doesn't allow long comments .. hihihi .. and also sorry for some parts of the comment being "f*ck*d up" [extra spaces and empty lines and stuff like that] .. not my fault .. the website did that ..

Shane Blitz said...

This takes me right back .... bless for the link ..

Daz wilde said...

Brilliant mix!! Do you not have a cue sheet to split up the tracks...

Beat-Nick said...

No Cue Sheet..Sorry
You Can Make Your Own Surely