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Sunday, 30 November 2008

DJ Hickory Dickory Dock You Noisy $£**%

1.Bit Meddler - Woo Ha remix
2.Knifehandchop - Dancemix 1992
3.Rude Ass Tinker - U Can’t touch this
4.Venetian Snares - Herbie goes Ballistic
5.Culture Cruncher - I get Stupid
6.DJ Hype - Homer Gabber
7.Marvelous Cain - Hitman
8.People Like Us - What is Music (Negativland mix)
9.DJ Sushi - Underdog
10.Christian Marclay - Records
11.Dummy Run - Flake
12.Clifford Gilberto - Earth vs Me
13.Puzahki - Kiss of Death
14.Naked Rabbit
15.Negativland - Escape from noise
16.Antediluvian Rocking Horse - The Curious Advance (Bay City Rollers van interview)
17.Emperor Sly - Freedom Right Now + Ganja Smokin
18.DJ Pantshead - Junga Nova Soul
19.Monty Python
20.Zygmunt Janowski - Death of Cool
21.Re-Interpretations of Plunderphonics - Too much Freakin Noise
22.COMC - Year Mix
23.Beatbox Saboteurs - Benny Hill

Running Time 50 Minutes 128KBPS Mp3


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