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Sunday, 9 November 2008

80s Mix Disc 2

1 Prefab Sprout
The King Of Rock & Roll

Released '88

2 Open Your Heart
The Human League
Released '81

3 You Spin Me Round
Dead Or Alive
Released '84

4 Lovely Day (Sunshine Mix)
Bill Withers
Released '88

5 Alice I Want You Just for Me
Full Force
Released '85

6 Blue (Armed With Love)
Released '86

7 Real Life
Black Brittain
Released '87

8 C'est La Vie
Robbie Nevil
Released '86

9 Solid
Ashford & Simpson
Released '84

10 Digging Your Scene
The Blow Monkeys
Released '86

11 Just Buggin'
Released '86

12 I Can't Wait

Nu Shooz
Released '86

13 Nasty
Janet Jackson
Released '86

14 History
Mai Tai
Released '85

15 Just An Illusion
Released '82

16 Do I Do
Stevie Wonder
Released '82

17 Big Fun
The Gap Band
Released '88

18 Feel So Real
Steve Arrington
Released '88

19 Club Tropicana
Released '83

20 Rhythm Of The Night
Released '85

21 Lucky Star
Released '83

22 Give The DJ A Break
Dynamix II
Released '87

23 Doctor Beat
Miami Sound Machine
Released '84

24 Living On The Ceiling
Released '82

25 Tell It To My Heart

Taylor Dane
Released '87

26 In Too Deep
Dead Or Alive
Released '85

27 19
Paul Hardcastle
Released '85

28 War
Culture Club
Released '84

29 It's A Miracle
Culture Club
Released '84

30 Humanoid
Stakker Humanoid
Released '88

31 Word Up
Released '88

32 How Will I Know?
Whitney Houston
Released '85

33 Everything She Wants
Released '84

34 Sonic Boom Boy
Released '87

35 Stars On 45
Released '81

36 Another Night (Nightlife Mix)
Aretha Franklin
Released '86

37 Step Right Up
Jaki Graham
Released '86

38 Girlfriend
Released '87

39 Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough
Michael Jackson
Released '79
Massive Track In The 80's & Well Beyond!!

This Is a Beat-Nick Mix created 2008
Running Time 72 Minutes 192KBPS Mp3


Anonymous said...

A Great Mix..Got some of my faves in Thanx

DJ Lucien said...

[part I of DJ Lucien's comment]

Ok had me some free time on my hands even before the weekend :)
so as promised here are the comments on Disk 2 or your 80's mix Nick .. :D

I must say, what another great job you did in creating this mix Nick .. :)
so I took me some time .. listened to the mix without writing commments ..
listened to it again for the second time, giving more attention to the crossovers ..
then listened to it for the 3rd time and opened notepad, writing me some comments on the various crossovers while scrolling back and forth in the mix ..
and here are some highlights .. :)

1) "Open Your Heart" - "You Spin Me Round"
very smooth crossover using, if I'm not mistaken, the beat of the original version of "You Spin Me Round" at 3 min 08 sec .. have always really loved that song
"You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" .. still do! :D

2) "You Spin Me .." - "Lovely Day"
looking at the tracklist I was thinking "how is he going to do that crossover" since the Dead Or Alive track is so much fasterin BPM as the one by Bill Withers .. and there it was: using the "turntable losing power"-effect ! it's something I would have probably choosen for as well .. nice sampling of lead singer Pete Burns from Dead Or Alive's voice in the crossover with Bill Withers, makes it a kinda smooth crossover ..
and the scratch effects are pretty cool as well! :)

3) "Lovely Day" - "Alice I Want You .."
hmm .. the beats of the two songs sound so similiar that you can hardly hear where one song comes in and the other ends, weren't it that at 7 min 10 sec the last beat of Whiters where the girls sing "Yeah Yeah" is a bit out of sync with Full Forces track .. shame ..
cause the crossover at his own is SO smooth! but it's just a minor thing and most listeners probably don't even notice it .. I'm just a mixer myself so I notice these small details ;-)

4) "Alice I Want .." - "Blue Armed With Love"
wow .. nicely done Nick! the intro of Wham's track starts at 8 min 06 sec and at 8 min 24 sec the beat of Full Force ends to make place for the beat of Wham! .. kinda the way I would have done this crossover :) except I would have never thought about putting this song in a mix .. overhere in the Netherlands this song wasn't released as an A-side .. it was featured as a B-side track .. cool song though and very at his place in this great mega mix!

5) "Blue Armed With Love" - "Real Life"
abrupt ending of "Blue .." at 10 min 17 sec .. ?!?! --> do I hear "Shout" by Tears For Fears ?
it's not mentioned in the tracklist .. you just used it to go from "Blue Armed With Love" to the next track "Real Life" Nick, or .. ?!? the crossover to Black Brittain is .. erm .. well .. abrupt :P

DJ Lucien said...

[part II of DJ Lucien's comment]

6) "C'est La Vie" - Solid"
at 14 min 02 sec Ashford & Simpson comes in nicely using the accappella intro of "Solid"
starting with the vocals of Valerie Simpson .. you did use the long version of Robbie Neville's
song "C'est La Vie" if I'm not mistaken .. ;-)
14 min 45 sec great sampling of Nickolas Ashford's voice ..!
"Gone .. gone-gone .. go-go-go-gone .. gone with the wind ..."
again a great crossover Nick!

7) "Solid" - "Digging Your Scene"
Aaah The Blow Monkeys .. another great group of the 80's! really liked their music ..
when I listened to this mix for the first time I was realy curious about this crossover ..
thought you might do some sampling with "Solid".. and I was right! :D
16 min 13 sec .. sampling Nickolas Ashford's voice saying "Hot .." while the music of
"Digging Your Scene" starts .. smooooooooooth!!

8) "Digging Your Scene" - "Just Bugging"
as I call it a "stop-and-go-crossover" .. meaning the playing song ends with an accappella break
and the next song starts .. not that difficult .. but not bad .. :)

9) "Just Bugging" - "I Can't Wait"
now THAT'S a real old fashion crossover ..!! very very VERY smooth how the beats of Nu Shooz
comes in at 18 min 39 sec .. sooooo smooth!! this is the kinda mixing I really like!
back to the basic of mixing .. smooth crossovers at a breakpoint!! soo cool 8-)

10) "I Can't Wait" - "Nasty"
ouch! Nick!!! what are you doing mate?!?! you can do SO much better than this!!
this crossover if I can even call it a crossover .. at 20 min 31 sec you just "throw" in Janet ..
tisk tisk tisk .. lol!! no really .. you can do MUCH better than this Nick .. this is probably my
less fav crossover in this mix .. shame on you Nick! hahaha ;-)

11) "Nasty" - "History"
WOW! that Mai Tai track "History" is SO loud! ouch my ears! I had to adjust the volume of
my stereo .. at 22 min 22 sec the beat of Janet gets SO loud when Mai Tai comes in ..
Mai Tai track being overmodulated I think .. shame .. crossover aint bad ..

12) "History" - "Just An Illusion"
you already gave me a heads up in advance about this crossover Nick ..
only shame in this crossover is that you didn't let Mai Tai's beat go on a bit at 24 min 13 sec ..
now "History" just ends abruptly .. but still, you've done great with this crossover .. :D

DJ Lucien said...

[part III of DJ Lucien's comment]

13) "Just An Illusion" - Do I Do"
hey! I hear Madonna's "La Isla Bonita" at 26 min 00 sec! GREAT work ..!
and what a great sampling done with Madonna!
but the crossover from Imagination to Stevie Wonder ..
hmmm .. let's put it this way Nick, you took the easy way out ..
that's ok though as long as you don't do it too often .. LOL!! hahaha ;-)

14) "Do I Do" - "Big Fun"
mmmmmmm ... LOVE this crossover Nick!! REALLY .. it's so great .. so smooth .. so ..
so really awesome ..! you can't even hear where one song ends and the next starts .. well done!
more of this pleaaaassssseeeeeee .. !!!

15) "Big Fun" - "Feel So Real"
Steve Arranington is also a one-hit-wonder .. well, maybe a two-hit-wonder from the 80's ;-)
he had as far as I can remember two kinda similar songs, that looked SO much alike ..
"Feel So Real" and "Dancing In The Key Of Life" .. both great songs if you ask me!
now the crossover .. the beat of Steve Arrington's track comes in very fine at break in
The Gap Band's track "Big Fun" at 31 min 58 sec .. another awesome crossover!
you do keep 'em coming Nick! great job ..

16) "Feel So Real" - "Club Tropicana"
hey .. at 34 min 08 sec I hear that lady from the Alexander O'Neal track "Criticize" .. :)
crossover to Wham! at 34 min 24 sec .. obviously using the long 12 Inch version of the track
"Feel So Real" by Steve Arrington ;-) no remarks about the crossover to Wham! ..

17) "Club Tropicana" - "Rhythm Of The Night"
now somehow I just find these two tracks made for eachother in a crossover ..
so I was really curious on how you were gonna do this one ..
aah .. just as I thought .. you're using the "cool .." ending of Wham! to start the track of
DeBarge .. not bad .. "Rhythm Of The Night" .. another fine 80's song I really like

18) "Rhythm Of .." - "Lucky Star"
hmmm .. I can hear a fade-out of DeBarge at 37 min 24 sec ..
suggestion .. maybe you could have done a loop of DeBarge's intro and used that at 37 min 17
to make the crossover to Madonna's "Lucky Star" .. or else you could have used DeBarge's
12 Inch version of "Rhythm Of The Night" if available .. it has a GREAT break for a crossover to
a song like "Lucky Star" .. just a suggestion from another (amature) mixer :)
my opinion is, one should use fade-outs as little as possible in a mega-mix ..
usually it gives a kind of "I-didn't-know-how-else-to-go-from-one-song-to-the-other" feeling ..

19) "Give The DJ A Break" - "Doctor Beat"
nothing wrong with this one .. a regular crossover .. cool ..

20) "Living On The Ceiling" - "Tell It To My Heart"
sampling/editing an accappella ALWAYS does the trick in a crossover!
unfortunately accappella's aren't always available .. shame ..
nice use of (what I think is) an accappella in the crossover ..
nice effects done on the voice of Taylor Dayne! compliments Nick on another fine crossover!
and WHAT a voice Taylor has! really love the voice of that broad! another great 80's song ..

DJ Lucien said...

[part IV of DJ Lucien's comment]

21) "Tell It To .." - "In Too Deep"
another as I call it "stop-and-go-crossover" ..
Taylor ends while screaming ".. no I can't let you gooooooooo ..." .. add some echo to her scream
and it's the PERFECT spot to insert the next track ..
probably the way I would have done it as well if I had created this mix .. ;-)

22) "In Too Deep" - "19"
didn't I mention sampling in a crossover just now? (see point 20) ..
here's another example of how sampling ALWAYS does the trick in a crossover!
that is .. if it's done the right way .. WELL DONE NICK!
you sure know how to use sampling/editing in a crossover .. very very cool 8-)

23) "19" - "The War Song"
ah what can I say? Culture Club .. one of the 80's greatest bands ever!
using the aca-intro of "The War Song" (isn't that the right title?) in the crossover from
Paul Hardcastle is a choice I could've made myself .. nice work ..
it's the most obvious way to make the crossover between these two songs, but nonetheless
pretty cool and nicely performed!

24) "The War Song" - "It's A Miracle"
sampling/editing in crossovers .. what else can I say .. lol .. I rest my case .. :P

25) "Humanoid" - "Word Up"
another "stop-and-go-crossover" .. Stakker Humanoid has a break and that's great to start the
TOTALLY AWESOME beat that Cameo has in their track "Word Up" ..
good thing you sampled the "Humanoid" voice while "Word Up" is running .. combines the two
tracks more as when you wouldn't have done that .. excellent choice doing that Nick!

26) "Word Up" - "How Will I Know"
another classic crossover I really like! beat/part of running track runs while next track comes in ..
old fashioned crossovers still work! this is prove of it ..

27) "How Will I Know" - "Everything She Wants"
it's obvious you used the 12 Inch of Whitney for this crossover .. 12 Inches back in the 80's
always were great to use when making a mega mix .. they have these great breaks in them
that you can use perfectly for your crossovers as this crossover from Whitney to Wham! proves ..
another classic crossover that I like SO much Nick! and again, nicely performed ..
btw: "Everything She Wants" is another one of my most fav 80's songs! :)

28) "Everything She Wants" - "Sonic Boom Boy"
Kylie ..?!? no I'm not dreaming ..
I do hear "Hand On Your Heart" at 60 min 19 sec in this crossover .. nice ..
(remember: sampling ALWAYS does the trick in a crossover .. lol ..)
what a nice effect done one "Everything She Wants" at 60 min 04 sec ..
nice looping of Wham! and in comes Westworld at 60 min 35 sec ..
NICE NICE NICE ! another excellent crossover Nick!

DJ Lucien said...

[part V of DJ Lucien's comment]

29) "Sonic Boom Boy" - "Stars On 45"
another "stop-and-go-crossover" .. nothing wrong with it though ..
nice sampling of "Sonic Boom Boy" ...

30) "Stars On 45" - "Another Night"
aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ... "Another Night" by Aretha Franklin ..
and in the Nightlife Mix as well! I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG and especially in this remix!!!
it is SUCH a great remix! Aretha Franklin btw is an ANIMAL as far as her voice goes!
I really REALLY love the songs she did in the 80's! that voice of her .. so nicely raw .. mmmm ..
"Another Night" .. "Who's Zoomin' Who" .. "Freeway of Love" .. "Jimmy Lee" ..
all fav's of mine! :) :)

31) "Another Night" - "Step Right Up"
great great GREAT crossover Nick! WOW! this crossover gives me goosebumps! really ..
this crossover features classic-crossover .. sampling .. editing .. all in one crossover ..
what else can a guy want?? :) I'm REALLY happy with this crossover .. smiling ear to ear ..!!
"Step Right Up" is also sooooo 80's and sooooo one of my fav's as well!

32) "Step Right Up" - "Girlfriend"
67 min 04 sec .. what did I say again about sampling/editing in a crossover? ;-) hehehe ..
Pebbles .. aaahh .. another great 80's icon .. and WHAT a song "Girlfriend" is ..!!
nice crossover with some nice sampling and editing in it ..
but .. hmmm .. you didn't use the Extended Version nor the Dance Mix ..
this is a different remix .. is it one created by DMC? (DMC= Disco Mix Club)
kinda curious which version you used Nick .. this one has a different beat underneath with some editing done in it .. really would love to have this version of "Girlfriend" cause I really like this song

33) "Girlfriend" - Don't Stop Till you Get Enough"
Michael Jackson .. he DEF needs to be in an 80's mix! he's SO eighties .. LOL!! hahahaha ..
no just kidding .. really love most of his songs he did back in the 80's ..
69 min 44 .. you're using the edited beat of Pebbles that I mentioned at 32) to make the
crossover with Michael's "Don't Stop Till .."
sampling and editing .. hihihi .. usually works when done the right way .. and you know how to do
it the right way Nick .. so .. respect!

34) "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" - "...................."
dunno what song is at the end of the mix .. but the crossover is done nicely!
nice sweeping phaser effect used on Michael's "Don't Stop Till .." at 71 min 23 sec ..
(or was it a flanger effect you used Nick?)

Aaaww .. already came to the end of this Disc .. again sorry for the long comment .. ;-)
Again .. I really enjoyed listening to this Disc as well Nick .. I will DEF be playing these 80's mixes more often as they are created SO well and of course .. 80's music are my cup of tea!

Thanks for creating this one and making it possible for me and the rest of your site visitors to
listen to it! Next on the list .. Disc 3 :)
btw: if there are some empty lines or the text isn't correctly placed it's not my fault .. this site
sometimes leave spaces between lines/words .. dunno what to do about it when I place my
comments .. sorry ..

Until next time ..
kind regards,
DJ Lucien

IndigoDeviLLe said...

Such a great mix!

Found your site from DJ Shooter's 80s Forum. Currently listening to this mix and was overwhelmed by your creativity in making the transitions.

Will be visiting regularly from now on!