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Sunday, 9 November 2008

80s Mix Disc 3

1 Natalie Cole Jump Start

2 Stephen Tin Tin Duffy Kiss Me

3 Spandau Ballet I'll Fly For You

4 Spandau Ballet Only When You Leave
5 Haircut 100 Love Plus One

6 Blondie Atomic

7 Sade Is It A Crime

8 Joe Jackson Stepping Out

9 Kim Wilde Kids In America

10 Kenny Loggins Danger Zone

11 Go West Call Me
12 Ah Ha Take On Me
13 Sister Sledge Frankie

14 Matt Bianco More Than I Can Bear

15 Beastie Boys Paul Revere

16 Falco Rock Me Amadeus

17 Ofra Haza Im Nin Alu

18 Michael Jackson Human Nature

19 Ace Of Base All That She Wants 
1992 Actually..Made a Blooper!!!

20 T' Pau Heart & Soul

21 Soul To Soul Keep On Moving

22 Joyce Sims Come Into My Life

23 Bomb The Bass Say A Little Prayer

24 The Smiths How Soon Is Now

25 Howard Jones No One Is To Blame

26 Roxette The Look

27 Joan Jett I Love Rock & Roll

28 Dennis Edwards Don't look Any Further

29 Howard Jones What Is Love

30 Michael Jackson & Will I Am The Girl Is Mine
Re-Make Of Classic 80's Track 

31 Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer

32 Nena 99 Red Balloons

33 The Human league Sound Of The Crowd

34 Sigue Sigue Sputnik Love Missile

35 Adam & The Ants Goody Two Shoes

36 Motorhead Ace Of Spades

37 The Housemartins Happy Hour
Acapella Version From The Peel Sessions

This is a Beat-Nick Mix Created 2008

Running Time 73 Minutes 192 KBPS Mp3


Anonymous said...

Hello my friend, can u upload this mix (80's mix disc 3) with rapidshare or megaupload because he don't do it by me. I hope u can help me.

Pogi (mixvalley2007@yahoo.com.ph)

Anonymous said...

Thx my friend.

regards pogi

DJ Lucien said...

[part I of DJ Lucien's comment]

Ok, so I took me some time to write me some comments on Disc 3 Nick ..
you already gave me heads up that this might not be mixed in a way I like .. fair enough ..
still I wanted to write some comments on it ..
btw: might take a bit longer between the reviewing of the Discs cause I'm working on 2 mixes myself at the moment .. :D one is a kinda flashback mix, with some "forgotten" tracks in 'em and
the other is gonna be my version of a "Moto Blanco Mega Mix" featuring various artists from all
done in a Moto Blanco Remix ..

so, here's the reviewing of Disc 3 in your 80's mix series Nick ...

1) "Jump Start" - "Kiss Me"
erm .. well .. good thing you warned me in advance that this Disc 3 is slightly diffently mixed ..
this is not a cross-over as I'm used to .. well done though .. (I couldn't do it better myself)

2) "Kiss Me" - "I'll Fly For You"
great cross-over .. very smooth .. very well done!

3) "I'll Fly For You" - "Only When You Leave"
yep .. this is another stop-and-go-crossover .. "Only When .." is another one of my fav 80's songs

4) "Only When .." - "Love Plus One"
erm .. what can I say about this crossover? Spandau Ballet just stops at 10 min 26 sec and Haircut
100 starts .. you try to cover it up using that sound effect .. I'm not so happy with this crossover
Nick, sorry .. just being honest here ..

5) "Love Plus One" - "Atomic"
yep .. another stop-and-go-crossover .. looking at the tracklist I think there's gonna be lot's of those in this Disc 3 ..

6) "Atomic" - "Is It A Crime"
when looking at the tracklist, I wondered how you were gonna do this one .. Sade's track is SO
much slower than Blondie's "Atomic" .. yeah yeah .. you're using a "radio-sample" for the
crossover.. had to be something like that, cause there's no way you can make a smooth crossover
between these two tracks .. this isn't really mixing .. sorry ..
why would you choose to go from a fast track to such a slow one ..? I would never do that, but that's just my personal taste ..

7) "Is It A Crime" - "Stepping Out"
and ANOTHER stop-and-go-crossover .. tisk tisk tisk .. shame on you Nick! hahaha .. ;-)

8) "Stepping Out" - "Kids In America"
now THAT'S what I love hearing Nick!! WHAT A GREAT CROSSOVER!! more of this please!!
now THIS is mixing my friend! I really love this very awesome smooth crossover! compliments!
looping a beat of Joe Jackson's "Stepping Out" and in comes Kim Wilde .. WOW!!

9) "Kids In America" - "Danger Zone"
ouch .. another sound effect to mask the ending of Kim Wilde and the start of Kenny Loggings ..
this one also qualifies as a stop-and-go-crossover Nick .. sorry ..
it's not that it's a bad thing to use those, but not too much and I'm commenting on the mixing and
using stop-and-go-crossovers isn't mixing ..

10) "Danger Zone" - "Call Me"
:-X means I'd better shut up .. (see comment 9)

DJ Lucien said...

[part II of DJ Lucien's comment]

11) "Call Me" - "Take On Me"
a BIG smile on my face Nick!! FINALLY a real crossover again! at 24 min 19 sec GREAT editing/sampling of the intro of A-ha's "Take On Me" and such a smooth crossover ..!
really love this crossover!

12) "Take On Me" - "Frankie"
hmm .. would've never put these two tracks after eachother in a mix myself .. they're SO different
in style .. and it's very hard to keep these two tracks insync during crossover, as you can hear
amongst others at: 25 min 30 sec / 25 min 40 sec .. at 25 min 41 sec the crossover is going insync .. maybe you should've done the crossover at that point and not start at 25 min 24 sec cause it's not insync at that point .. sorry .. could've been a smooth crossover if you had only used
the part starting at 25 min 41 sec ..

13) "Frankie" - "More Than I Can Bear"
:-X means I'd better shut up .. (see comment 9)
(btw: using the "Frankieeee" sample isn't helping this "not-crossover" .. sorry)

14) "More Than I Can Bear" - "Paul Revere"
eeeeeekkk .. :-X means I'd better shut up .. (see comment 9)
(btw: again, why put a track that's SO much slower after a fast track ..?)

15) "Paul Revere" - "Rock Me Amadeus"
a great example of how sampling/editing ALWAYS does the trick in a crossover!
so again this ain't a real crossover, but it's not bad ..

16) "Rock Me Amadeus" - "Im Nin Alu"
in the background I can already hear Ofra Haza at 31 min 36 sec .. sounds a bit messy ..
the real crossover should begin at 31 min 51 sec .. the part where Ofra sings her acapella intro
should have better been left out cause like said it sounds a bit messy ..
again, it's just my humble opinion as an amature mixer :D

17) "Im Nin Alu" - "Human Nature"
finally a real crossover again .. shame Ofra ends so suddenly at 33 min 42 sec .. could've been
done a bit more subtle .. but all together a nice crossover ..

18) "Human Nature" - "All That She Wants"
oh yeah .. Ace Of Base DEF isn't 80's .. hahahaha .. ;-)
again what a shame Michael ends so abruptly at 35 min 46 sec .. should work on that Nick ..
and personally: the editing of Ace Of Base wasn't necessary this time .. a bit annoying ..

19) "All That She Wants" - "Heart & Soul"
ok .. another real crossover and quite a nice one too .. :D
this is what mixing is all about Nick .. transferring one track smoothly into the next!

20) "Heart & Soul" - "Keep On Moving"
what did I say about editing/sampling during a crossover again..? hahaha .. it always works - lol !!
and I'm not making this up .. this one is living proof !!

DJ Lucien said...

[part III of DJ Lucien's comment]

21) "Keep On Moving" - "Come Into My Life"
YES YES YES! such a great REAL crossover again! Yihaaaaa! love this one too Nick!
such a perfect use of the strong beat of Soul II Soul's "Keep On Moving" to enter Joy Sims' song
"Come Into My Life" .. just perfect!

22) "Come Into My Life" - "Say A Little Prayer"
WOW! 2 great crossovers after eachother! congrats! really nicely done!
question: this is a different version of "Say A Little Prayer" than I've got .. special remix or?

23) "Say A Little Prayer" - "How Soon Is Now"
and the 3rd real crossover in a row .. this must be my lucky day :D
wasn't "How Soon Is Now" used in a different version for the series "Charmed" ..
and that series "Charmed" is from the 90's .. hmmm ..

24) "How Soon Is Now" - "No One Is To Blame"
ok .. was too good to be true .. lol !! here's another stop-and-go-crossover .. so ..
:-X means I'd better shut up .. (see comment 9) hahahaha ..

25) "No One Is To Blame" - "The Look"
this one is awesome Nick! I like this crossover ..! great sampling of Per Gessle's voice saying
"She's Got The Look" 49 min 44 sec .. and then at 49 min 50 sec the guitar-intro of "The Look" ..
and at 49 min 59 sec the drums-intro of Roxette ..! AWESOME CROSSOVER!

26) "The Look" - "I Love Rock 'n' Roll"
hahahahaha .. :-X see comment at 20)

27) "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" - "Don't Look Any Further"
creative this crossover Nick .. not one of my favourites but not bad either ..
VERY creatively done!

28) "Don't Look Any Further" - "What Is Love"
a nice crossover .. a bit of sampling/editing .. some sound-samples put in at the crossover ..
just a plain nice normal crossover ..

29) "What Is Love" - "The Girl Is Mine"
an even BIGGER misser than Ace Of Base Nick! this track is DEF not from the 80's!!
not this version anyways! the one with Paul McCartney is however .. this version is kind outta place in this 80's mix .. sorry, it's just how I feel .. a 2000+ track does NOT belong in an 80's mix!

30) "The Girl Is Mine" - "Sledgehammer"
hey! the Wee Papa Girl Rappers in this crossover! hahaha .. "ease up .. ease up .. ease up .."
kinda cool crossover, nicely performed .. shame former track isn't an 80's track ..

31) "Sledgehammer" - "99 Red Balloons"
hahahahaha .. :-X see comment at 20)
sampling & editing .. hahahahahahahahahahaha ..

32) "99 Red Balloons" - "Sound Of The Crowd"
:-X means I'd better shut up .. (see comment 9)

33) "Sound Of The Crowd" - "Love Missile"
:-X means I'd better shut up .. (see comment 9)

34) "Love Missile" - "Goody Two Shoes"
:-X means I'd better shut up .. (see comment 9)
hahahahaha .. :-X see comment at 20)
sampling & editing .. hahahahahahahahahahaha ..

35) "Goody Two Shoes" - "Ace Of Spades"
:-X means I'd better shut up .. (see comment 9)

36) "Ace Of Spades" - "Happy Hour"
:-X means I'd better shut up .. (see comment 9)

Some nice tracks in this Disc 3 Nick, some unusual tracks even, but I think you already guessed
that this isn't one of my favourite mixes in your 80's series .. and you already gave me a warning that Disc 4 is somewhat similar to this Disc 3 .. well, we'll see ;-)

Next time it's Disc 4 that gets comments on, until than, take care Nick!

Regards, DJ Lucien
ps: forgive my poor English at times as I'm Dutch English isn't my native tongue .. thanks!