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Monday, 18 January 2010

DJ Food - Raiding The 20th Century

Snippets And Oddities Galore in This 1 Hour , Very Original Mix.

Just look at that Tracklisting!!

Pt 1 – Time Machine

20th Century Fox theme intro
Negativland – Downloading (Seeland)
MCSleazy / Franzie Boys – Triple Take (Half Inch Recordings 12″)
DJ BC – Surebladi (mp3)
Danger Mouse – Encore (CD)
Wayne Butane – Elderly (Sucks Bigtime)
Big City Orchestra – Bulldog (The Beatlerape)
Jay-Z – Encore (accapella) (Roc A Fella)
The Beatles – Glass Onion (2 versions) (Apple LP)
Avril Plays The Beatles (mp3)
Loo and Placido – Safari Love (mp3)
Jrb – Busta vs Steptoe & Son (mp3)
Loo & Placido – Kids Will Rock You (mp3)
Braces Tower – Special Child (mp3)
Exactshit – Crazy (CDR)
Cropstar – Crazy Prado (mp3)
Tacteel vs Britney – Overprotected (CD-R)
Will Smith vs Mr Trick – Nod Ya Head (Boot Camp 7″)
Osymyso – Intro inspection (Radar 12″)
fLeXuS – It Ain’t Nothin’ (CD-R)
unknown – Spandau Fillet (mp3)
Go Home Productions – Turn Out The Light Slave And Give Me Some Rhythm
Go Home Productions – Work It Out With A Foxy Lady (mp3)
Beyonce – Crazy In Love (poj mix) (mp3)
Skkatter – Diddy (mp3)
Wobbly – Yo Yo Yo Yoyo, Hey… (Wild Why)
Frenchbloke & Son – Sound of da S Club (CD-R)
Lemon Jelly – Soft Rock (LJ 7″)
dsico – Bille Jean Dancehall Edit (mp3)
People Like Us – Nobody Does (ubuweb mp3)
2 Many Djs – Smells Like Booty (mp3)
fLeXuS – White Love (CD – R)
Evil Twin – The Lady & The Lake (CD-R)
Justin Timberlake – Like I Love U (Ochre remix) (mp3)
Osymyso – Intro Expansion Pt 2 (mp3)
Go Home Productions. – Ray Of Gob (Half Inch Recordings 12″)
Madonna – WTF? (mp3)
Player – Angel of Theft (Blood 12″)
Osymyso – Wegoddim (mp3)
Flashbulb – Mama Said Knock You Out (mp3)

Pt 2 – The Time Before Time

Alvin Lucier – I Am Sitting In A Room (Lovely Music Ltd CD)
Pierre Schaeffer – Etude aux Chemins De Fer (EMF Media CD)
Pierre Henry – Souffle 1 (Phillips / 21st Century Prospective Siecle LP)
PM – 1954 – Varese – Deserts (Columbia LP)
John Cage – Imaginary Landscape No.1 (Hungeroton CD)
William Burroughs – Origin and Theory of the Tape Cut-Ups (Sub Rosa CD)
Coldcut (Let Us Play LP outro) (Ninja Tune LP)
James Tenney – Collage no.1 (Blue Suede) (New World Records CD)
Marshall McLuhan – The Medium Is The Massage (Columbia LP)
Steve Reich – It’s Gonna Rain (Odyssey/Music of Our Time LP)
The Monkees – Head Opening Ceremony (Rhino LP)
Frank Zappa – Lumpy Gravy (Verve LP)
John Rydgren – Christmas Montage (Silhouette Segments LP)
Holger Czukay & Rolf Dammers – Boat – Woman – Song (Spoon LP)
Radiophonic Workshop – Major Bloodnock’s Stomach (BBC Records LP)
The Beatles – Revolution No.9 (Capitol LP)
Radiophonic Workshop – Talk Out (BBC Records LP)
Kenny Everett Musical Works – (acetate / mp3)

Pt 3 – Say Kids, What Time Is it?

Grandwizard Theodore & Kevie Kev Rockwell – Military Cut – Scratch Mix
(Animal Records LP)
Grandwizard Theodore Speaks (Hip Hop Slam CD)
Grandmaster Flash in Fab 5 Freddy’s kitchen from Wildstyle (DVD rip)
Monica Lynch interviews Grandmaster Flash for WFMU (mp3)
(Orig.) Big Apple Productions Vol. 2 – Genius At Work (J & T Records
The Art of Noise – Close (To The Edit) (ZTT 12″)
Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five – Adventures On The Wheels of
Steel (Sugarhill 12″)
Cold Crush Brothers vs The Fantastic 5MCs (Music of Life LP)
Malcolm McLaren – Buffalo Gals – (Charisma 12″)
Double D & Steinski – Lesson 2 (The James Brown Mix) (Disconet 12″)
Double D & Steinski – The Payoff Mix (aka Lesson 1) (Disconet 12″)
Big Apple Productions – Genius At Work Vol. 2 (J & T Records 12″)
Mr. K (aka Danny Krivit) – Rock The House (T.D. Records Inc. 12″)
Double D & Steinski – Lesson 3 (The History of Hip Hop) (Tommy Boy 12″)
Buchannan & Goodman – Flying Saucer Pt.1 (Cash Records LP)
Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis (Mister-Ron/Rhythm King 12″)
Steinski & Mass Media – The Motorcade Sped On (NME 7″)
Steinski radio interview with Jon Nelson from Some Assembly Required
Coldcut – Say Kids, What Time Is It? (White Label 12″)
Coldcut – Beats & Pieces (Ahead Of Our Time 12″)
Eric B & Rakim – Paid In Full (Coldcut Seven Minutes of Madness mix)
(4th & Broadway 12″)
M/A/R/R/S – Pump Up The Volume (4AD 12″)
Eric B & Rakim – Micheal Jackson Got Soul (mp3)
Think Tank – Hack One (The Internet Worm mix) (Hakattack Records 12″)
Big Apple Productions – Genius At Work Vol. 2 (J & T Records 12″)
3D – Tommy Boy megamix (Tommy Boy LP)
Axel F – The Latin Rascals (Streetheat 12″)
Arthur Baker – Breaker’s Revenge (Atlantic 12″)
Kurtis Blow – America (Dub Mix) (Mercury LP)
Cindy Mizelle – This Could Be The Night (Atlantic LP)
Rochelle – My Magic Man (Machine Gun Dub) (Warner Bros 12″)
Word of Mouth & DJ Cheese – King Kut (Bonus Beats) (Beauty & The Beat
T La Rock – This Beat Kicks (Fresh Records LP)
Tricky Tee – Leave It To The Drums (Dub) (Sleeping Bag 12″)
Mantronix – Bassline (Stretched) (10 Records 12″)
Mantronix – Mega-Mix (from The Album) (10 Records LP)
Mantronix – Scream (Primal Scream Dub) (10 Records 12″)
Mantronix – Mega-Mix (from Music Madness) (10 Records LP)
T La Rock – Bass Machine (Club Version) (10 Records 12″)
T La Rock – Breakin Bells (Omar Santana Edit) (10 Records 12″)
Skyywalker’s Bass Waves Mega Mixes – Mega Mix 1 (Luke Skyywalker 12″)
Matt Black & the Coldcut Crew – The Music Maker (Ahead of Our Time 12″)
James Brown – The Payback mix (Coldcut meets the Godfather) (Urban 12″)
Mantronix – King of the Beats (Sleeping Bag 12″)
Pete Smith & DJ Cesare – Beat Bytes (white label 12″)
Dr Funnkenstein & DJ Cash Money – Scratchin’ to the Funk Pt.1 (Sound
Makers Records 12″)
Grandmixer D.ST – American Mega-Mix (CBS 12″)
James Brown – Payback (The Final Mixdown) (Norman Cook & DJ Streets
Ahead) (Urban 12″)
Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper (Jive LP)
DJ Shadow – Lesson 4 (Hollywood Basic 12″ Promo)
Hiroshi & Kudo feat. DJ Milo – Return of The Original Artform (Major
Force 12″)
Derek & Clive – Records (DK re-edit) (Virgin LP/mp3)
De La Soul – Cool Breeze on the Rocks (Tommy Boy LP)
Zeb Rockski & Steiber Twins – The Revenge (B Boys Revenge ‘97) (Mzee
Bronx Dogs – Tribute To Jazzy Jay (Death Mix) (Kontranand 12″)
DJ Format – English Lesson (Bomb Hip Hop Records 12″)
Dynamix 2 – Just Give the DJ A Break (Dynamix 12″)
Beat Junkies – Scratch Monopoly Pt II (Bomb Hip Hop Records LP)
Mr Dibbs – B Boys Revenge (Turntable Scientifics cassette)
DJ Craze – 1st ITF chamionship set (cassette)
Invisibl Skratch Piklz – Vs Da Klamz Uv Deth (Asphodel 12″)
The Herbaliser – Wall Crawling Flying Insect Breaks (Ninja Tune 12″)
Cut Chemist – Lesson 6 (The Lecture) (Pickininny 12″ EP)

Pt 4 – Pressed For Time

Cassetteboy – Fly Me To New York (Barrys Bootlegs CD)
Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers – Swing The Mood (Music Factory12″)
Stars On 45 – Stars On 45 (? 12″)
The Jams – All You Need Is Love (KLF Communications 12″)
Age Of Chance – Kisspower (unreleased mix) (FON 12″)
Negativeland – The Perfect Cut (Good As Gold) (SST LP)
Christian Marclay – Pandora’s Box (Organik/RecRec LP)
Jon Oswald – Way (Plunderphonics CD)
Evolution Control Committee – Rebel Without A Pause (The Whipped Cream
mix) (Pickled Egg 7″)
Jon Oswald – Brown (plunderphonics CD)
Tape Beatles – Concern About (Staalplaat CD)
Jon Oswald – dab (Plunderphonics CD)
Tape Beatles – Short History of the Tape Beatles (Staalplaat CD)
The KLF – Rock Radio Into The Nineties and Beyond (KLF Communications
People Like Us – Sound Escape (Solielmoon Recordings 12″)
Negativeland – The Letter U & The Numeral 2 (acapella mix) (Seeland 12″)
Emergency Broadcast Network – Behaviour Modification / We Will Rock You
(TVT Records CDS)
Black Helicopters – Hammered Gods (Leaf 12″)
People Like Us – Sound Escape (Solielmoon Recordings 12″)
Tape Beatles – Thus (Staalplaat CD)
Forest J. Ackerman – Music For Robots (Science Fiction Records LP)

Pt 5 – Time’s Up

Osymyso – Intro Inspection (Radar 12″)
The Freelance Hellraiser – A Stroke of Genius (white label 7″)
Girls On Top – We Don’t Give A Damn About Our Friends (Black Melody 7″)
Kurtis Rush – George Gets His Freak On (white label 12″)
Copywrong – Too Much Freakin’ (mp3)
Girls On Top – Being Scrubbed (Black Melody 7″)
2 Many DJs – Dreadlock Woman (white label 12″)
Osymyso – Pat n Peg (3 Sevens 12″)
The Freelance Hellraiser – Got My Lovely Money (CD-R)
The Freelance Hellraiser – Step On Man (CD-R)
Osymyso – Intro Inspection (Radar 12″)
Osymyso – John’s Not Mad (mp3)
Picasio – Do You Really Like It? (Barrys Bootlegs 7″)
The Freelance Hairdresser – Marshall’s Been Snookered (mp3)
Mky – I’ve Created A Monster (mp3)
B.R.K. – JackoNim (mp3)
Mr On – Breathe, Don’t Stop (white label 12″)
The Freelance Hellraiser – Can You Lick Shots? (CD-R)
Skkatter – Madonna Is A Filthy Slut (V/Vm Test Records LP)
Mcsleazy – Don’t Call Me Song 2 (mp3)
Wayne Butane – Elderly (Wild Why)
Girls On Top – I Wanna Dance With Numbers (Black Melody 7″)
Kylie – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Soulwax Electrosoul mix) (PIAS CD)
Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of Blue Monday Live @ the Brits 2002
20th Century Fox theme outro

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