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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Frenchbloke Its What I hear And Who I Am

steve wright bbc radio 1 roadshow bits and pieces
killing joke - requiem (malicious demo)
bbc radio 2 announcer
timbaland and magoo - indian flute
kraftwerk - die mensch maschine
bruno brookes or mark goodier - bbc radio 1 top 40 rundown
the league unlimited orchestra - seconds
kelis - milkshake
blancmange - gods kitchen extended version
scars - all about you
sabres of paradise - smokebelch II (beatless)
severed heads - mambo fist miasma
blake baxter - sexuality
wire - ahead
the phuture - acid tracks
opus 3 - it's a fine day
orbital - halcyon 7" version
soft cell - torch (extended mix)
kraftwerk - nummern
lolita str‰p - video screen
dsico - hungover again (frenchbloke's 7" mix)
patrick gibson and michael tee - eno thing
absinken - eingeschlossen (ST Mix) from the das boot soundtrack
japan - the experience of swimming
missy elliot featuring ludacris - one minute man
alien sex fiend - dead and buried
the flashbulb - a walk in maise
paul morley - excerpt from vox pop
can - oh yeah
brian eno - matta
test dept. and the striking welsh miners choir - shockwork
the the - giant
in deep - last night a dj saved my life
the aphex twin - we are the music makers
ministry - he's angry
heaven 17 - let me go
goldfrapp - train (ewan pearson 4/4 instrumental)
beach boys - god only knows
finitribe - de-tstimony (original version)
soundhog - curdler (french curd mix)
harry nilsson - all i think about is you
rolf harris - intro
yellow magic orchestra - behind the mask
whitney houston - it's not right
tauchsieder - mittel
tauchsieder - grob
london 1888 lost cornet wax cylinder recording
australia - 1910 nur wax cylinder recording
anon java 1923 wax cylinder recording
iceland 1928 wax cylinder recording
niigata japan 1911 wax cylinder recording
british columbia 1897 wax cylinder recording
tong hua yie shi field recording
lisbon metro air vent field recording
esper analysis - bladerunner ost esper edition
leons voight kampff test - bladerunner ost esper edition
s express - hey music lover
grafitti - what is the problem
graffiti vs the bug featuring ras bogle - what is the problem
jolly roger - acid man
abc - how to be a millionaire
naum - issimo
the beach boys - whistle in
fad gadget - fireside favourites
patti page - old cape cod
bolz bolz - take a walk (neo-romantic dima remix)
sisqo - the thong song
paula - als es passierte (andreas dorau rmx)
missy elliot - she's a bitch
shakira - whenever wherever
the flirts - passion (12" version)
sylvester - you make me feel (mighty real)
depeche mode - shout (rio mix)
doarau und koehncke - durch die nacht (original mix)
mark stewart - fatal attraction (contagious remix)
ian dury and the blockheads - reasons to be cheerful, part 3 (12" mix)
steve 'silk' hurley - jack your body
christina aguilera - dirrty
madonna - intro
soft cell - a man can get lost
steve poindexter - computer madness
garcons - french boy
attilio mineo - man in space with sounds - soaring science
jean jacques perrey - porcupine rock
the scissor sisters - take your mama
ultravox - astradyne
excerpt from The Power of Music - Interviews 1984 - Stephen Mackerras
altered images - i could be happy (martin rushent extended mix)
ph1 - zoom
scooter - nessaja
renaldo and the loaf - ow! stew the red shoe
mort garson - killing of the witch
a flock of seagulls - the last flight Of yuri gagarin
whitehouse - cruise [track 5]
robert palmer - i dream of wires
skinny puppy - download
william shatner - ideal woman
ya ya choral - gee lately
john barry and his orchestra - 007 and counting
matador - paradise (feat henry rollins)
station 17 - bei manni und bine (dorau und koehncke)
sparks - get in the swing
throbbing gristle - [play it again]
cnut - overture

Running time 1 hour 18 Minutes 128KBPS Mp3


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great choice - Palmer, Sparks, Japan, Seagulls,
YMO. Well done, Gallic Chap ! I'd go to a bar
that played this .......