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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

All Time Hit Mix DJ Lucien

A Nice Cheesy Mix ..Played this alot.

01 remember the time: michael jackson
02 paying the price of love: bee gees
03 don't be cruel: bobby brown
04 full term lover: monie love
05 you showed me: salt 'n' pepa
06 real love: jody watley
07 till i loved you: barbra streisand & don johnson
08 where is the love: timeless
09 change: lisa stansfield
10 if: janet jackson
11 touchy: a-ha
12 typical male: tina turner
13 keep on running: milli vanilli
14 domino dancing: pet shop boys
15 i'm your baby tonight: whitney houston
16 because of love: janet jackson
17 the lovers: alexander o'neal
18 sign your name: terence trent d'arby
19 they say it's gonna rain: hazell dean
20 you're my rainbow: hazell dean
21 buffalo stance: neneh cherry
22 reaggy nights: jimmy cliff
23 stay out of my life: 5 star
24 the best of joint mix : flim flam
25 dance non stop: novo band
26 vogue: madonna
27 express yourself: madonna
28 black or white: michael jackson
29 too blind to see: kym sims
30 take my advice: kym sims
31 a little bit more : kym sims
32 let the beat hit 'em: lisa lisa & cult jam
33 always there: incognito feat. jocelyn brown
34 don't worry 'bout a thing: incognito
35 how to dance : bingo boys
36 do you really want me: salt 'n' pepa
37 jam: michael jackson
38 wanna be startin' something: michael jackson
39 scream: janet jackson & michael jackson
40 in the closet: michael jackson
41 forever more: puff johnson
42 the best things in life are free: janet jackson & luther vandross
43 the love boat: pacific prince
44 steppin' out tonight: becky bell
45 starship edelweiss: edelweiss
46 sweet soul music : soul kitchen
47 copacabana: barry manilow
48 love in motion: bizarre inc.
50 i'm gonna get you: bizarre inc.
51 took my love: bizarre inc.
52 girl you know it's true: milli vanilli
53 can't get enough of your love: taylor dayne
54 if i can't have you: kim wilde
55 losing my mind: liza minelli
56 just a groove: nomad
57 call it what you want: new kids on the block
58 i beg your pardon: kon kan
59 deep in my heart: club house
60 over and over: puff johnson
61 strong enough: cher
62 when i think of you: janet jackson
63 let's go: princess
64 don't cry for me argentina: madonna
65 the love boat: danny rook
66 my heart will go on: celine dion
67 whenever there is love: donna summer & bruce roberts
68 tribal dance: 2 unlimited
69 you should be dancin' (decadance): bee gees
70 torture: jacksons
71 eaten alive: diana ross
72 cry wolf: a-ha
73 la passione: shirley bassey
74 you showed me: ray b
75 son of godzilla: the crystal palace
76 everlasting love: gloria estefan
77 seal our fate: gloria estefan
78 can't take my .. where the streets ... : pet shop boys
79 reputation: dusty springfield
80 in private: dusty springfield
81 if you love someone set them free: sting
82 dum da dum: melodie mc
83 keep on dancing: dj bobo
84 somebody dance with me: dj bobo
85 oh carolina: shaggy
86 if it's raining: bitty mcclean
87 life: cb milton
88 ain't no love: sub sub
89 send me an angel: cb milton
90 frozen: madonna
91 don't worry: kim appleby
92 feel good: tatjana
93 can't take my eyes off of you: tatjana & gerard joling
94 you lied: sugar lee hooper
95 nobody else: rene froger
96 gypsy rhythm: raul orellana feat. jocelyn brown
97 whistle song: frankie knuckles
98 relight my fire: take that
99 could this be magic: take that
100 it only takes a minute: take that
101 everything changes: take that
102 earth song: michael jackson
103 frozen: madonna
104 my guy: brigitte nielsen

Running Time 49 Minutes 192 KBPS MP3



DJ Lucien said...

Hey Nick !
Thanks for posting my mix on your website, even though it's an "oldie" and most certainly not my best work. Even if I say so myself, nowadays my mixing has become SO much better ! This 49 minutes version is a digital edit of the original version (edited using CoolEdit Pro, the program I use for making all my mixes).

Nowadays I create my mega-mixes using the computer only. This one "All Time Hit Mix" was made using CD-players, Mixing Table and MD-players for the loops and as said later on (a few years later) digitally edited on the computer using CoolEdit Pro.

I'm still making mega-mixes .. even finished a series of 5 between September 2008 and May 2009 :D The series is called "Non Stop Body Workout" and contains 5 Chapters. And as a request to my cousin I created a Beyoncé Mega Mix! This Mega Mix contains only dance versions of some of Beyoncé's best songs!

When I got some free time on my hand I will update my website :)

Always feel free to write me Nick!

Kind regards,
your internet-co-amature-mixing-friend
DJ Lucien

DJ Lucien said...

Got a new URL for my website:


the old one doesn't exist anymore.

Regards, DJ Lucien
[the creator of this "All Time Hit Mix"]