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Monday, 1 December 2008

Mashing The Mash

Mashing The Mash is a 65 minute mix put together by myself featuring my favourite mash ups & some of my own. 192 KBPS MP3

1 Cheryl Lynne Vs Liberty X (Masher Cut Up Boys) To Be Just A Little Bit Real
2 Khia Vs Hithouse (Masher Beat-Nick) My Neck My Back Goes Underground
3 Bomb The Bass Vs Gwen Stefani Vs Snap! (Masher Beat-Nick) Megablast The Hollaback Power
4 Girls Aloud Vs Adamski Vs Gisele Jackson (Masher Beat-Nick) Killer Girls Commandments
5 Britney Spears Vs The O' Jays (Masher GHP) Backstab me one More Time
6 Scissor Sisters Vs Snap Vs Nena (Masher DJTiim) The Power Of 99 Mama's
7 Prince Vs Rob Base Vs A host Of samples & grooves (Masher DJ John) It Takes 2 to Kiss
8 Mandy Moore Vs The Police (Masher Dsico) Hey Pop Slut
9 Black Sabbath Vs Lisa B (Masher Divide & Kreate) Lisa Is Paranoid
10 Madonna vs Sex Pistols (Masher GHP) Ray Of Gob
11 Ce Ce Penniston vs Hall & Oats (Masher Audiodile) Finally Out Of Touch
12 Deepest Blue Vs Iio (Masher Cut Up Boys) Give It Rapture
13 Madison Avenue Vs Glenn Hughes (Masher Beat-Nick) Don't Call Me Funky
14 Klubbheads Vs Jeff Wayne (Masher Beat-Nick) Kickin' Eve
15 Beats International Vs No Doubt (Masher Beat-Nick) Hella Good To Me
16 Jet Vs Christina Aguilera (Masher Soundhog) Diirty Girl
17 TLC Vs Santana Vs Submarine (Masher Beat-Nick) Welcome To The Dawn Scrubs
18 Electric 6 (Masher Beat-Nick) Gay Bar Drag That Wav.Mix
19 Anastacia Vs Trance (Masher Beat-Nick) All Out Of Trance
20 Missy Elliot Vs Art Of Noise (Masher Beat-Nick) Work It Mr Bond
21 Falco Vs Fatboy Slim Vs Nelly Vs Others (Masher DJ Schmolli) Mash Me Amadeus
22 The Beatles Vs ELO (Masher GHP) Whale & The Walrus
23 Mousse T. Vs Jack Rokka & Betty Boo (Masher DJ Schmolli) Horny Take Off

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